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With HMRC’s roll-out of the ‘workplace pensions’ already upon us, the time is now to implement your companies workplace pension scheme.

There is no need to worry. As your accountants we provide a Work Place Pension Plan that is affordable, easy to arrange and simple to understand, from one of the UK’s leading providers

• Government provided pension plan (NEST).
• Our financial expertise in helping you understand your obligations and how to fulfil them.
• Low cost, one-off, set up fee.
• Monthly management options, from £15 per month, that allow us to manage all your employees’ calculations & submissions. Integrated with Stone Accountants payroll to ensure all deductions & submissions are made correctly.

Next Steps

Your business will have to firstly nominate a contact immediately for them to send information regarding your legal requirements. Should you decided you want Stone Accountants to be the contact, we require that you inform us prior to your application. Secondly you must identify your businesses designated staging date, this information can be found at

With the majority of our clients already enrolled, we would advise you to take immediately action as HMRC are acting fast in penalising for none compliance. For more information, or to set up an account, please call us on 01785 748 740 or

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