Payroll with Stone Accountants

With HMRC's new RTI (real time information) demands, running payroll for your staff has become a demanding and strenuous exercise. HMRC now require that before any payment is made to employee's, deductions need to be calculated, made and sent over to them. This means that whether you pay your staff £50 per week or £5,000 per month, you MUST run a payroll scheme and let HMRC know of your calculations.

We understand that for most business owners, this is an unwanted and time-consuming task that they could definitely do without. Our experience and professional staff are here to help.

UK Payroll legislature is constantly developing and we at Stone Accountants like to make sure we're ahead of the game. We run payroll for over 200 employees nationwide, complying with new RTI demands regarding calculations and submissions, whilst keeping you informed of any impending changes.

Whether your staff are salaried, casual, temporary or sub-contracted we can remove all the stresses associated with HMRC payroll. Deducting payments at source for items such as....

• company benefits
• pensions
• childcare vouchers
• maternity/paternity pay
• sick pay just part of what Stone Accountants can offer your business. With packages designed to suit your needs, our expert payroll team work with you to ensure legal compliance and employee satisfaction.

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