Work Place Pensions

New legislation being rolled-out means that employers who don't yet offer a workplace pension, will soon have too. Whether you're a sole trader or a PLC a workplace pension is a must. Between October 2012 - April 2017 your business will be due to roll out this service to its employees.

We work in partnership with NEST, a government backed pension provider, that offers a low-cost and safe workplace pension. We can remove all the hassle of set-up, submission and calculation to ensure you are compliant and that your employee is offered a trusted pension plan. Run in conjunction with our payroll scheme, our workplace pension scheme ensures deductions are made, and submitted, without you or your employee having to worry about a thing.

Your employees will become eligible if they are:

• not already in a workplace pension
• aged 22 or over
• under State Pension age
• earn more than £10,000 a year
• work in the UK.

To check your roll-out date or enquire about our workplace pension package's......

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